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 Spinning in a Vortex   
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Friday, July 18 2003 @ 01:57 AM PDT
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LifeThere's a funny thing about black holes. Once you get beyond the event horizon, normal rules of physics pretty much go out the window. The only thing that we know about it is that we've got a lot of questions, and I'm not talking about "What does the headlight look like on a motorcycle traveling at the speed of light?" kind of general mind fuck questions, I'm talking about the really twisted ones.

I'm talking about the kind of questions where the majority of even well informed people can't even put into words the questions to ask, much less have any inkling as to the answers, and all of them stem from a single question (and no, it's not "What is the Matrix?" you boob), namely, "How does the universe behave at a point in space where matter, energy, time and even the space itself get whipped into the cosmological equivalent of a beef curry cordon bleu milkshake with a corn kernel garnish?"

When she called tonight and asked, "How are you doing?"... That was one of those questions.

See, the last couple weeks of my life are what you might call, "interesting."

It started with a date. We started by going from Logan to a party in Somerville, she went on a couple of job interviews while I finished up a piece of software, we drove up to Maine, partied with friends, ate ice cream, drove home, and then back to the airport.

It was our first date in a decade, and it was eleven days long.

She's now moving to Boston. That's all I have to say about that.

While in Maine, I managed to break/fracture/get a bad bone bruise on one of my ribs by being spun around in a hammock chair until I couldn't walk, then walking. I'll ask you to consider anatomy for a moment while I describe the landing. In order: right rib, right cheek, opposite knee, hands, everything else. It hurts, and I'm bitter about it.

Also while in Maine, I learned that my roommate is moving to San Diego this winter. This, coupled with the fact that I'm not working, leads me to the conclusion that I should go back to college, so I begin to make preparations to do so. (For all of you who may not know me very well, this amounted to the single biggest life-changing event since my father died, and it was one that I actually had control over, which hasn't happened since I dropped out of college the first time.)

Oh yeah, somewhere in the midst of all that I got to hang out with (to borrow Layne's term) Crushgirl for a few hours, and had a blast. All of you scholars of literature should, at this point, be able to see all of the elements for a solid establishment of dramatic tension.

So, about the time that I've begun to grow accustomed to (though not necessarily comfortable with) all of the above, the company for whom I've been doing work offers to take me on full time, as long as I commit to at least a year with them (they were aware of the college plans).

Within minutes (we're talking single digit minutes) of that phone conversation, a buddy of mine calls me up to check if I have his baseball cap. We start chatting and he says something along the lines of, "Hey, if (roommate) moves, don't sweat it. Move into my place, and save up money until you go to school next September."

Note the "next September" bit. I sometimes forget how much clarity can be gained by adding a bit of perspective to a situation. In this case, he was able to look at all of the elements with none of the baggage. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what friends do for each other.

My buddy was right, of course. The best possible scenario (though by that very virtue, the least likely to actually be played out) would be to take the job for a year, move in with him when my roommate moves out, go to school starting in September of 2004, rinse and repeat until I get a master's degree.

This still leaves the question of the women, which for now will remain left, because I love a cliffhanger.

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  • Spinning in a Vortex
    Authored by: chriz on Friday, July 18 2003 @ 11:10 AM PDT
    Cosmic equivalent nothing, it actually becomes a beef curry cordon bleu milkshake.
    Still sorting through
    Authored by: Dan4th on Monday, July 21 2003 @ 01:24 PM PDT
    Wow. It took days for the information in this message to sort itself out into the right portions of my brain. I was really excited about a girl with a job making you a milkshake, and it started to sort out from there.

    I've had weeks like those. oof. If the job thing works out, congrats.
    Still sorting through
    Authored by: matt on Tuesday, July 22 2003 @ 02:20 AM PDT
    Yeah, I'm still working it all out in my head.

    Also, it's worth pointing out that the paragraph that begins with "Oh yeah, ..." was supposed to go somewhere else, so I moved it.

    For all of you that read it already, sorry about the disjointed ending.