Thursday, August 14 2003 @ 04:13 PM PDT

Contributed by: matt

This post was actually written on Friday, August 8th.

I wish I were driving K.I.T.T. right now, and not this damn truck. That way, I could just kind of nod off while the car drove us to Boston at a couple of hundred miles per hour. Oh well.

Today is by far the most demanding day of the trip. Sandusky to Boston is about a twelve hour drive, and most of it is on the New York Throughway, which is one of my less favorite highways for reasons that I won't go into right now. Right now we're pretty close to Syracuse, and I'm sure more than one of you have a good idea of how much further I still have to go.

Yesterday was so much fun, and so exhausting that it's making today that much harder to deal with. On top of everything else, I've got a couple of things I have to take care of for work as soon as I get home, so I don't know how long it'll be until I get quality sleep.

On the bright side, this is the last of the fictional reports.