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 Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!   
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Tuesday, March 02 2004 @ 03:12 AM PST
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PoliticsOk, so everyone go out and do their civic duty today. I'm not going to tell you how to vote, because it's a decision that you have to make for yourself, but I will remind everyone that Ashcroft is a very real problem, and Bush hasn't fired him yet, so you know which way I'm going. Incidentally, if anyone is planning on voting in the republican primaries and/or caucuses, please throw a vote toward somebody other than Bush. I know it won't make a difference in terms of delegates, but it might help to send a message, if anyone's bothering to listen. Of course, if you're voting on the elephant side of the fence, you're probably in favor of George the W, so I'm probably pissing in the wind here.

Anyway, of the ten states that are partying today (get it?), I found polling location searches for six of them. Have at it:

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  • Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!
    Authored by: Dan4th on Tuesday, March 02 2004 @ 08:31 AM PST
    I'm so confused... I attempted to register republican when I registered to vote, and then they sent me the card saying I was registered independent. (Maybe they took one look at me and said "nah, he doesn't mean that"?)

    So I thought I wasn't eligible to vote in the primaries, but then the paper this morning said I was. I'll be doing my own research, but this is confusing.
    Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!
    Authored by: matt on Tuesday, March 02 2004 @ 02:56 PM PST
    Here's how it works as an independant (because I just did it):

    You show up to your polling place, tell them where you live and who you are, and they see that you're not registered as one party or another. They ask you which ballot you want, you tell them, fill it out, and (optionally) fill in your change of enrollment card to take you back to unenrolled status. (when you choose a ballot, you're effectively enrolling in the party for the five minutes or so it takes to do all of the above).

    The way it's set up, you can even vote on the Green / Rainbow ballot and walk out of there a registered Libertarian.

    It's McVoting! Would you like fries with that?