Work Music

Friday, March 05 2004 @ 07:46 AM PST

Contributed by: matt

After spending the majority of the week reveling in my rediscovery of Portishead et al., I've come to the conclusion that my selection of music is having an adverse effect on my productivity.

For the moment I've switched back to the "short list" I came up with while working on the first beta. Here's a sampling of what that looks like:

I'm looking for tracks to make my mix longer. Unfortunately, I've pretty much burned myself out for the moment on a lot of the music I have that qualifies. For example, I have on hand most of the songs ever recorded by The Lords of Acid and Garbage, but that fact ended up causing burnout on the last playlist I made due to oversaturation (the playlist was over 15 hours long, and even with a randomized list and Winamp set to shuffle, I was ending up with a diproportionately large percentage of those two groups).

It's also very upsetting to me that I can't use some of the music that I'd love to be listening to because I end up sitting there listening to music and not working (Dresden Dolls comes to mind).

Anyway, I've got a handful of songs that I'm going to add, but it'd be nice to make the list as long as possible because I typically hit play when I sit down to work and the next time I look at Winamp is to close it when I shut down the machine twelve or so hours later. With my additions, it'll be about two hours long or so, and I'd like to double or triple that.

Further complicating matters is that I don't have accounts set up at any of the 99 cent shops, so the ideal would be to get two or three CDs where the entirety is worthy of a playlist (BT's Ima, for example), but if need be I'm willing to finally figure out which of those services to go with.

Any suggestions (on either topic, actually)?