Out take

Thursday, April 19 2007 @ 12:04 AM PDT

Contributed by: matt

*me rustling through a drawer full of take-out menus*

M: "We should get magnets. That way we could stick the menus we use a lot to this nice empty metal surface." *points to the side of a storage cabinet*

N: "There are some magnet-type devices on the other nice metal surface." *points at refrigerator*

M: "Yeah, but those have a certain feng shui to them that I'd rather not intrude upon"

J: "We should get a hole punch. That way, we could run a string through the menus and tie them up somewhere."

M: "Well, if we're going to go through the effort of acquiring a tool to take care of our menu problem, we might as well scan them and put them as a slide show on the TV."


M: "I know what I'm doing tonight."