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 MSNBC's New Look Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Sunday, December 14 2003 @ 03:29 AM PST
 Viewed:  929 times  
KitschAfter using (they've apparently dropped the hyphen) for about ten minutes, I felt compelled to send them the following missive. I wonder if I'll get a response...

read more (423 words) 3 comments
Most Recent Post: 12/17 04:53AM by matt

 Just in time Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Sunday, December 14 2003 @ 02:08 AM PST
 Viewed:  671 times  
Kitsch...for the holidays, what almost every man wants: power tools.

Trust me, it's worth the download if only for the WTF? factor.

My favorite bit is when one of them breaks a nail.

 Mr. Picassohead Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Friday, December 05 2003 @ 05:59 PM PST
 Viewed:  843 times  
KitschLink stolen from WWdN: Mr. Picassohead.

Here's mine.

Most Recent Post: 12/07 12:22AM by Dan4th

 Latest Terror Attack Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Tuesday, December 02 2003 @ 03:26 PM PST
 Viewed:  921 times  
KitschA mysterious white powder fell out of the sky today, causing motorists to fear for their lives in what they may have perceived as an airborne terrorist anthrax attack. Highways were clogged during rush hour, and...

Aw, fuck it.

["Set the pump to 'vitriol', please."]

What the hell is wrong with these people? It's not as if we've never seen fucking snow before.

It's New England.

It's December.

Snow. Fucking. Happens.

For all the grief I've given people in more southerly states that get into traffic wrecks because they've never seen snow before, I hereby apologize. If New Englanders can't drive without falling off the side of the road because of a fucking dusting... A DUSTING! then I can't reasonably expect any different from anyone else.

If it were just a slowdown or something, I wouldn't be nearly this acerbic. I didn't even intend to write anything about the fact that it's snowing today, because it's fucking obvious. It'd be like, "Hey guys, guess what? The Sun came up today!", or "Hey everybody, politicians are crooked!" Not exactly newsworthy material.

The fact that hundreds of people, native New Englanders, were colliding with each other and otherwise driving poorly because of a weather pattern that these same people would be thankful for in February ("Hey, at least it's not sticking.") is fucking inexcusable. I'm ashamed to be associated with them.

Bah. Humbug. Thppppt.

Most Recent Post: 12/05 02:00PM by stacey

 RFP Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Monday, December 01 2003 @ 01:17 AM PST
 Viewed:  891 times  
KitschThat's "Request for Proposal", for all of you that have thus far managed to avoid the world of business.

I think at some point in the next month or two I'm going to attempt to write a children's book.

"Why?", you ask.

"Why not?", I counter smugly.

read more (328 words) 13 comments
Most Recent Post: 01/05 11:02AM by Dan4th

 Chrestomathy Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Tuesday, November 11 2003 @ 12:38 PM PST
 Viewed:  775 times  
KitschI found this description to be far more amusing than the dry depiction that you'll find in your dictionary.

(from World Wide Words)

This word has been staring me in the face for years, as it forms part of the title of a book on my shelves: A Mencken Chrestomathy, a selection of the choicest writings of the American journalist and writer on language, the late H L Mencken. Other than that, you may have to search a bit before finding another example, since it is a word of singular shyness, venturing out only rarely from inside our dictionaries to slip itself on to the cover of a work here or there. It was formed and first used in Greek, from the words khrestos, useful, and mathein, to know, hence useful learning. Its most frequent sense these days is that of a selection of passages designed to help in learning a language, so you may find titles such as Chrestomathy of modern literary Uzbek or A Chrestomathy of Pre-Angkorian Khmer. When H L Mencken used it he claimed he did so in part to wrest it back from the linguists. To critics who argued that the word would not be understood he replied in splendid arrogance: “Thousands of excellent nouns, verbs and adjectives that have stood in every decent dictionary for years are still unfamiliar to such ignoramuses, and I do not solicit their patronage. Let them continue to recreate themselves with whodunits, and leave my vocabulary and me to my own customers, who have all been to school”.

Oddly enough, the implied Mencken reference had utterly escaped me until I saw this.

Most Recent Post: 11/12 10:37AM by Forrest

 Succumbing Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Wednesday, October 29 2003 @ 12:36 AM PST
 Viewed:  907 times the list format

In the spirit of putting more of myself up here (admittedly, in a fairly low-risk way), here are some things you probably didn't know about me.

read more (325 words) 1 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/30 10:51AM by Dan4th

 Slacking Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Saturday, September 27 2003 @ 04:16 AM PDT
 Viewed:  753 times  
KitschI formally and publicly admit that I've been slacking off here lately.

I just can't bring myself to post a bunch of links every day, which is what most people do when they're running a bit short on content. That's what Fark is for.

I guess I could post a link to Fark every day, but that'd get old pretty quick.

Part of the problem is that this site doesn't have any real focus. I've got so many kinds of things that I try to keep track of in my own mind that the waters get a bit muddied when I try to make this a sort of "best of" compilation. I end up struggling with some obstacle that's preventing me from writing the story that I want to write, then giving up on it because I can't devote the time to that one topic, when I've got nine others to keep track of.

For example, I've been trying to write a review of the Dresden Dolls for the past two weeks. I've thrown out two nearly completed versions out of frustration, and my computer was good enough to handle throwing the last one out on its own.

In absence of any real direction, I guess I'll put it to a vote (not that I've gotten more than four total votes on a poll yet, speaking of slacking off).

For the previous paragraph to make any sense, you have to look at the poll on the left. Just thought I'd point that out.

 The Best Voicemail I Ever Got Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Tuesday, September 09 2003 @ 11:37 PM PDT
 Viewed:  794 times  
Kitsch...was when I was in college, and a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, unless said person feels like self-outing) left a prank message that ended with a throaty, "Beat me, whip me, tell me I'm pretty."

What brought this to mind was a commercial I just saw. In a country being run by narrow-minded conservatives, it's refreshing to see at least one company (two, if you count the network) is still willing to bring alternative sexuality into the mainstream.

Without further ado, a link to the Bally's ad.

I feel the need to point out that I'm not endorsing Bally's Total Fitness gyms, just pointing out the commercial.

Most Recent Post: 09/10 04:37PM by matt

 The lighter side of war. Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
 Author:  matt
 Dated:  Monday, August 18 2003 @ 02:20 PM PDT
 Viewed:  693 times  
KitschFrom MSNBC.

The poster thing is just too damn funny, but I'm not sure I'd want to be in one of the bait Humvees they talk about. My buddy put it succinctly when he said it sounded a lot like "Operation Get Behind Darky" from the South Park movie.

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